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EMS Satcom

This two-storey Class 'A' building consists of approximately 9,750 sq.m. Primarily office space, the building also includes a 1,250 sq.m manufacturing area, 1,200 sq.m. of lab space, a 445 sq.m. cafeteria, video conferencing suites and a fitness room. The buildings Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) consists of packaged constant volume rooftop units with perimeter electric baseboard heating.

A 250 KW standby generator was installed to support emergency loads and standby loads such as the central server room and supplemental air conditioning.


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Our Team

Brian Thornhill, P.Eng., LEED® AP
Senior Electrical Engineer

Jason MacMurdo, P.Eng.
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Michel Sabourin, B.Eng.

Lee Hyland
Mechanical Designer