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Cisco Systems

Cisco is a campus environment development centre with the first three buildings completed for a population of 2,500 employees and a total area of 367,000 square feet. The campus is planned to grow to 600,000 square feet in a total of five buildings. The space is utilized as a combination of office, research and development labs, generally designed for ten watts per square foot except the 10,000 square foot raised floor data center at 60 watts per square foot and a 24,000 square foot internet server lab space at 100 watts per square foot. The cafeteria is designed for a seating area of 14,000 square feet with the kitchen/servery being 11,600 square feet and a 13,600 square foot fitness center.


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Our Team

Brian Thornhill, P. Eng.
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Andrew Lawton, P.Eng.
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Danny Fitzmaurice
Mechanical Designer

Ian Campsall
Electrical Designer