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Museum of nature

The 24,000 sq.m. research, collections storage and administration facility was constructed as a Design/Build project with our Firm establishing the mechanical and electrical aspects of the users criteria, preparing the request for proposal, reviewing the submissions, monitoring the developers design, preparing the tenant fit-up design documents and reviewing the construction. It contains 7,500 sq.m. of research labs, 12,000 sq.m. of temperature and humidity controlled storage facilities, 4,500 sq.m. of administration offices, cafeteria and archival library. The lab uses include DNA testing, radioactive techniques for determining age of fossils, clean room spaces, cutting and grinding facilities, acid prep rooms, dark rooms, and display preparationareas.


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Our Team

Robert McKee, P.Eng.
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Arnold Midgley, P.Eng.
Senior Electrical Engineer